Merge PST Files — A Safe & Risk-Free Ways to Combine PST Files

Probably, one of the best email clients worldwide is Microsoft Outlook. It provides various features for its customers. Additional features lead to an increase in the PST file size. Hence people usually opt to merge PST files using different methods.

Various safe and risk-free ways to combine PST files are discussed in the article below.

Why the need to merge PST file?

There is a considerable need to merge PST file. It varies from person to person. Some common reasons are given below:

● Migration from Outlook to another email client.

● Importing older version PST file to a newer version, henceforth using a single PST file for multiple PSTs.

● For creating backups, the best method is to merge PST files.

● Enhancing the performance of Outlook.

● Avoid data loss due to corruption.

Methods to merge PST files

Method 1: Using Microsoft Outlook Import function

This method requires creating a new blank PST file and then import the data of the old PST file to the new one. The steps are clearly stated below:

Step A: Create a new PST file

● Launch Microsoft Outlook.

● Go to the New Items and then click on the More Items.

● Now, click on the Outlook Data File.

Browse to the location where you want to save the PST file and then name it.

● At last, press the OK button.

Step B: Import the old PST file to the new one

● Now, go to the File menu and then click on the Open & Export option.

● Now select the Import/Export option.

● Now, the Import and Export wizard is opened. Select the option “Import from another program or file” and then press the Next button.

● Now, choose the Outlook Data File option and then press the Next button.

● Press the Browse button and then choose the PST file.

● Now choose the option Do not import duplicates for merging PST file without any duplicate and then press the Next button.

● Select the folder needed and then Include Subfolders and choose option import items into the same folders

● Press the Finish button.

Method 2: Using PST Merge software

Another way to merge PST file apart from the manual method is by using professional software called PST Merge software. This software merges Outlook personal folder data file to a single PST file. It also lets you remove duplicate Outlook data file items.

● Download and install Aryson PST Merge Software.

● Launch the application and then press on the Add PST Files button to select multiple PST files and open them.

● Now select the merge options and choose the path location to save a new PST file after merging.

● Check Apply Password options then encrypt a PST file after the merging of multiple PST files.

● Now, check out Remove Duplicate & Exclude Deleted Items, then click on the Next button.

● The merging process of the selected PST file has been completed successfully.

Features of Aryson PST Merge software

❏ Merge two or more PST files into a single pst file

❏ Join a single or multiple PST file to an existing PST file.

❏ Merge multiple Outlook pst files to an existing PST file.

❏ Combine two or more Active Outlook files, network PST files, and archive Outlook pst files.

❏ Merge multiple PST files with different options such as merge in new PST file, merge in existing PST file, and merge in Existing Outlook profile.

❏ Available three options for merging such as Merge PST, Join PST and Merge Contacts.

❏ Compatible with all versions of MS Outlook, therefore merges two or more pst files of Outlook 2019, 2013, 2016, 2010 and below versions.

❏ It allows you to delete duplicate email items before merging PST files.

❏ Maintain data integrity and folder hierarchy after the merging of multiple PST files.

❏ Supports to join & merge of ANSI and Unicode PST files.

❏ Allow users to combine PST files containing contacts, emails, journals, tasks, and calendars.

❏ Let the user add a password in the newly created PST files after merging.

❏ Support to merge Outlook PST files on all Microsoft Windows versions such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.


Merging PST file using a manual process is a very lengthy task. One can take the help of professional software for doing the task. To merging the PST file, the best way is to use Aryson PST merge software. Do try the demo version of this software and let us know.

My name is Mithilesh Kumar Tata. I am a technical expert in data recovery and email migration field.

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